Tips for Caring for Hair Without Having to Salon

Even though Monday has begun, this is not the reason you neglect various efforts to beautify yourself. You certainly do not want to start the day with a bad hair day right. Take advantage of time to care for yourself. After the daily work routine, it seems that the body deserves attention including hair.

Tips for Caring for Hair

Some women choose to go to the salon to take care of their hair. Though treating hair does not always have to go to the salon. You can do hair care at home without having to spend money.

1. Hair Mask

Hair mask applications may be similar to conditioners. The difference is, hair masks need to be left on for a while after being applied to the hair shaft.

Hair masks make hair softer, easier to manage, hair so strong, and for owners of colored or alias painted hair, hair masks help maintain color intensity. You can get a hair mask on the market but can also make it yourself for example a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and eggs to accelerate hair growth, then avocado plus peppermint oil for softer hair.

2. Massage with oil

To get a relaxing effect like in a salon, you can massage the scalp with the help of several types of oils. The oil will make the hair cuticles moist and the hair is nourished with minerals and vitamins.

Types of oils that can be used include coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, castor oil, or olive oil.

Some people think applying oil will make hair more greasy. In reality this is not the case. Precisely massage with oil will improve blood circulation so as to make hair avoid damage. We recommend using oil one hour before shampooing or let stand overnight then wash it in the morning.

3. Cut the ends of the hair

The tip of the hair is the part of the hair that is most easily damaged. We recommend that you end the hair regularly trimmed. Trimming will get rid of damaged hair like split ends. Remove hair ends every 6-8 weeks or according to hair conditions. No need too much, just 1-3 centimeters.

4. Avoid shampooing with warm water

After using a hair mask or hair oil, you should wash it thoroughly so that there are no residual products or oils in the hair. Warm water can instantly clean the rest of the product.

However, behind the practical use of warm water, there is danger of stalking hair. Warm water can erode the natural moisture of the hair so that the hair will be easily damaged such as dry, broken or fall out.

5. Avoid blow dry

Limit the use of blow dry and other tools that involve heat. More often used, blow dry or vise can instantly eliminate hair moisture and hair can become stiff.

If you still need a vise, then use hair oil or vitamins so that the heat does not immediately paralyze the hair.

Hair care expert, Harry Josh gives a few tips for using blow dry without making hair ‘suffer’ and keep the hair style long lasting. Start with your head down and your hair hanging down. Move hair while blow dry works.

After 80 percent dry, straighten your body, then dry your hair on several parts to make it smoother. Focus on the edges.

“The last three inches are the key. Move the brush and dryer to the end of the hair and wait a minute. That will make a difference,” Josh quotes from the Stylist.

6. Comb your hair regularly

No one wants their hair to fall apart so combing hair seems to be always done. But don’t comb your hair too hard or aggressive.

Hairdresser Laura Superbi suggests combing your hair twice a day so that your hair is shiny, healthy and not frizzy. You can comb during the morning and evening before going to bed.

In addition, hairdresser Tracey Cunningham warned against combing hair from the base. Also avoid combing hair when the hair is wet. Hair in the most fragile state when wet. Combing it only causes damage.

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