Coarse Hair Returns Healthy With 5 Easy Steps

Everyone is born with different hair conditions and textures. Each has a hair goal that may not be the same. Some want curly hair, some are longing for straight hair. Amongst many desires, we are sure that no one wants to have coarse hair. Then, what should be done if our hair is already rough?

How to soften coarse hair


Relax, no need to panic let alone curse yourself. Take the time to read our article this time until it’s over to get the solution.

First you have to understand is that there are many factors that can cause coarse hair, ranging from excessive hair styling such as bleaching , coloring, or smoothing , and improper hair care. Many do not know yet under natural hair type 4 or kinky curly, the texture tends to be coarser than straight hair. For this reason, using products that are suitable for your hair type is important and should not be negotiable.

Want to know what are the things you can do to make your hair healthier and smoother? Read more to know how to soften coarse hair !

1. Mandatory Conditioner !

If you feel your hair feels rough and dry, adding moisturizer to the hair care ritual is non-negotiable. Hair becomes dry because it loses its ability to retain its natural moisture.

Not sure where to start? Can start from the most basic hair care, which is when shampooing. never skip using conditioner right after shampooing.

Editor’s tip : If you have coarse hair, you surely know how it feels to be wet? The hair feels rough and is easily damaged. To overcome this, you can try this trick. Use conditioner before and after shampooing to avoid frizz and broken hair when shampooing. (We’ve tried it, it works !)

2. Don’t Let Your Hair Tangle!

Coarse hair will tangle more easily than normal hair. Just a little hard pull can make your hair fall out!

Choosing the right comb for your hair type is the next step that is no less important. Choose a comb that suits your hair type. Many stylists don’t recommend wood-based combs for use on coarse hair because they can make them coarser.

Another way you can do is to adjust the density of the comb teeth to the thickness and shape of the hair. The thicker and curly hair, then all you need is a wide-toothed comb.

Try to divide the hair into sections before combing it. This will prevent your hair from becoming tangled and your hair will be easier to manage.

3. Give Extra Moisturizer.

Coarse hair is definitely dry and rough. Even though the outside feels hard, coarse hair is in its most fragile state. You may not be able to completely restore coarse hair (except by cutting it), but you can prevent hair from falling out and branching.

Use deep conditioning products at least twice a week. Moisture absorbed in the hair will make the hair stronger than when not using it. Have free time? Make your own mask at home ! You can use natural ingredients such as milk, dairy, yogurt, even bananas.

4. Beware of Stacking Products.

Moisturizing your hair is the key to successfully treating coarse hair, but if you don’t wash your hair clean, the oils and care products you use can be left behind and accumulate on the scalp.

Instead of dealing with coarse hair, excessive use of hair moisturizers can actually make your hair limp and even trigger dandruff production. One way to make fine hair is shampooing using a shampoo with the benefits of deep cleansing or hair detox like TRESemmé Deep Cleanse and Protect Shampoo .

This shampoo is specifically designed to thoroughly clean hair from pollution, sweat, and residual products in the hair. The content of natural ginger extract and green tea which is rich in antioxidants is effective for making hair back healthy and shiny. Don’t worry if you are one who shampoo every day because this shampoo is suitable for daily use!

5. Make a Heat Protection Spray Your New Friend.

Whatever your hair type, never use hot Рstyling styling tools without using heat protection spray before. Our favorite is the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray . As can be seen from its name, this spray contains keratin which can protect hair from the negative effects of excessive heat. In addition, the formula can also make hair shiny and more manageable.

Do not be fooled by its name, this spray is not only used before hair clipping, but also before blow dry or curling hair with a curling wand. Also check out tips on using heat protection spray for maximum results.

In addition to protecting hair with spray , you can give your hair a break by using a variety of cool hair styles. All Things Hair has plenty of hair style inspiration that’s enough to change styles for a year!

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