Argan Oil: Natural Benefits, How to Use, and Product Recommendations

It’s no secret, argan oil has a myriad of good benefits for your hair. So good, countless brands are competing to make argan oil as the main ingredient in their products.

One of the most popular is the TRESemm√© Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner . Not only enriched with argan oil, this shampoo also contains keratin which softens hair. The perfect solution for you who have been overwhelmed by taming the lion’s hair!

argan oil

For those of you who want to know more about the benefits of argan oil for hair, see the explanation below until it runs out, yes!

Argan Oil and Its Natural Content

Argan Oil is made from the seeds of the argan tree (Argania spinosa) which is easily found in Morocco. In fact, some people call argan oil with the term morrocan oil.

In it, contained various types of vegetable fats that are good for health. There are stearic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and oleic acid. In addition, there are also vitamin E, omega-3, beta carotene, to xanthophyll which is good for maintaining the beauty of hair and skin.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair Health and Beauty

1. Nourish and Moisturize Hair

Because of the abundance of nutrients contained in argan oil , it is not surprising that this oil is effective in nourishing and keeping your hair moisturized. This is the reason argan oil is very good for you whose hair is dyed and dyed frequently . The function is more or less similar to the conditioner that you normally use, it’s just counted more natural.

2. Make Hair Shiny, Smooth, and Easy to Set

One of the benefits of argan oil that many people love is its ability to protect the luster of the hair shaft . If you regularly apply argan oil after shampooing, the condition of your hair cuticles will be maintained and remain soft.

3. Repair Damaged Hair

Shampooing is sometimes not enough to clean up chemical residues from the styling products you usually use. Chemicals in hair dye and hot temperatures can also make hair rough, dull, and easily broken.

Fortunately, the content of oleic acid in argan oil can protect hair’s natural protein, thus preventing hair from branching and severe. The natural way to treat damaged hair!

4. Preventing Hair Loss

All thanks to the content of vitamin E in argan oil . In addition to reducing hair loss, argan oil is also right to stimulate new hair growth , you know. So that your hair will look thicker and healthier .

5. Healthy scalp

Not only soften and maintain hair shine, argan oil is also credited with nourishing the scalp, you know. Especially if you have dry, itchy scalp problems.

Vitamin E, carotene, and fatty acids in it can reduce the risk of irritation to the scalp. Existing wounds heal faster too.

How to use Argan Oil

Basically, there are two types of argan oil on the market. There is pure argan oil, some are processed. How to use it?

Pure Argan Oil ( Virgin Argan Oil )

1. Apply a few drops of argan oil to moist hair after shampooing.
2. Massage the scalp with warm argan oil beforehand. Let stand 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
3. Mix conditioner (drop 1-2 drops each shampoo).
4. Make a mask by applying 10 drops of argan oil to the entire head. Wrap with a towel or shower cap and let stand overnight.

Processed Argan Oil

This type of argan oil has been processed and mixed in hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps, masks, to spray. You only need to use it according to the instructions listed on the packaging. You are good to go!

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