7 Personality Types of Girls According to Her Hair Style

Hair is a very valuable women’s crown. So no wonder that most women are very concerned with appearance, especially hair. In addition, these women have different hair styles .

However, it turns out a person’s hair style, especially women show their personality. According to psychologist Philip Kingsley, hair is a marker of a person’s sexual characteristics.

Therefore through the choice of hairstyle you want can actually determine a person’s personality based on his choice. Some women choose hairstyles in accordance with the shape of the face or follow the latest fashions.

But many also choose the same hairstyle every year. Following are the personalities of women who match their hairstyles summarized from various sources.

1. Short Hair


Short haired woman is known as someone who is easy to get along with. Girls with hairstyles don’t like to be too complicated and are able to adjust to existing problems.

This person always wants things that are fast and concise. But sometimes the personality of a short-haired person is often to do things without thinking.

2. Straight hair style that is always permed

Medium curly tousled hairstyle


Some people are naturally born with curly hair, but some are turning their straight hair into curls. Women who often turn their hair into curls have their own satisfaction.

By curling her hair, she is able to create new changes. Turning her straight hair into curls, this woman is known to have a personality that can spread positive and positive messages.

3. Colored hairstyles

Straight brown blonde hairstyle

Women who often change hair color are people who have unique and attractive personalities. Especially if he dares to choose bright colors, then classified as a woman who is quite creative.

This woman tends to be indifferent and not too concerned about the opinions of others. Even so, women with colored hair styles like to be the center of attention of many people.

4. Bangs hair style

Jaw length bob crop with razored bangs

Hair has two types of bangs, front bangs and side bangs. However the way it is arranged, the woman with bangs is actually an independent figure.

This bangs woman is less able to work in teams, because they have their own beliefs and ideals. But sometimes it can suddenly become wishy washy when faced with many choices.

5. Long Hairstyles

Alluring Long Wavy Haircut For Young Women

Women who have long hair styles are very cheerful, patient and dreamy. As is known, having long hair takes a long time to look after and treat hair.

This indicates that women with this type of hair are not too fond of change. Women with this type of hair usually have trouble getting out of their comfort zone. However, it is very loyal in relationships and is good at maintaining lasting friendships.

6. Real hair is curly and always straightened

Long layered haircut for straight hair

Straight hair is one of the dreams of many women. Not a few women do hair care to get straight and beautiful hair.

However, unwittingly these actions turned out to achieve balance. Women with this hairstyle really try to control the intensity of the hair and also give a sense of calmness to yourself.

7. Haircut style

Teenage girls pixie bob haircut

Women who often tune their hair have thoughts that are always logical and athletic. This hairstyle signifies a personality that attaches importance to others. He will always place the needs of others above his own interests.

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