5 Women Hairstyles Trends in 2019

Beauty trends continue to change from year to year. One of them is a hairdo. Entering the new year 2019, there are several women hairstyles that are predicted to become a trend. There are 5 women hairstyles trends that are predicted to dominate in 2019. Here are the hairstyles:

1.Bob Hairstyles

Medium Curly Bob Hairstyle with Fabulous Volume

Throughout 2019, many variations of bob haircuts. In 2019, this hairstyle is predicted to still dominate. In 2019, the bob model has the same cutting characteristics as the classic bob model. However, there is a little texture on the ends of the hair to make a softer and smoother look.

2. Long Hair

Long layered brunette hairstyle

Long hair never goes out of style. Jennifer Lopez hairstyles and Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles can be used as inspiration. Both have long hair style waist and has a layer (layer) is smooth.

3. The Shag

bob hairstyles with bangs

In addition to bob, The Shag model is also predicted to dominate in 2019. The layer on this hairstyle is thick and has characteristics in hair length, texture, and with or without bangs. Two examples of The Shag hairstyles can be found on Taylor Swift and Sandra Oh’s hair.

4. Invisible Layer

Long layered haircut with eye brow grazing bangs

In contrast to The Shag’s hairstyle, the haircuts are made up of fine layers. Usually, this hairstyle starts from under the chin to give the impression of more volume in the hair without reducing its length. This hairstyle tends to be suitable for medium to long hair.

5. Pixie

Red choppy pixie

In addition to the bob style for short hair, Pixie style is also predicted to dominate in 2019. The widely used Pixie model is a classic style with soft layer features as can be seen on the Charlize Theron and Ruth Negga hairstyles.

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