5 Benefits of Hair Serum and How to Use it!

Maximize your hair care by routinely using hair serum. Make hair serum a care product that you must have.
It is time to add to the shampooing ritual which has been focused on shampoo and conditioner by diligently using hair serum.

benefit of hair serum

What are the benefits of hair serum and how to use it?

1. Protect hair from pollution and sunlight

Hair serum is a hair care product made from silicone, amino acids, and ceramide . The silicone in this product acts as a coating that helps protect the hair shaft. In the market we find a lot of serum in the form of spray or liquid. Why is serum so beneficial for us with dry hair? Because in addition to protecting, serum also functions like a conditioner that can give the appearance of hair that is soft and radiant.

2. Components in it help restore hair health

Why does dry hair quickly notice the difference after using serum? Because, components in the hair serum can lock moisture in each hair shaft and help prevent it from breaking because it is dry. Amino acids and ceramides are fats that are responsible for lubricating parts of the hair shaft that are starting to be damaged by coloring, curling, or straightening. Although not able to restore it as before, the components in the serum can prevent ongoing damage.

3. Make hair more radiant

Dry hair is identical to dull and non-radiant. The content of silicon in hair serum can provide a shiny effect on the hair.

4. Protect hair from heat styling tools that can make hair dull

Silicone coating contained in hair serum can not only protect hair from sun exposure and dirt, but also the extreme temperatures produced by hair styling equipment such as hair dryer, flat iron, curling wand, and so on.

For maximum results, we recommend using a hair protection product from TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray before using a styling tool .

5. Helps reduce broken hair

Dry hair tends to tangle easily, which when combed is prone to breaking. By regularly using hair serum after shampooing, our hair will become smoother so that it is easily combed.

How to use hair serum:

1. Apply from the ends of the hair.

Although serum has many benefits for the hair shaft, it has no benefit on your scalp. Just use it in the hair shaft, starting from the tip to the middle. Use on the scalp will increase the potential for oily hair.

2. No need to rinse.

Hair serum can be directly applied to the hair without rinsing. Hassle free!

3. Can be used on wet hair.

Serum works best on wet hair. The trick, after shampooing wind the hair until it is half dry. Then pour into the palm of the hand while rubbing slowly. Apply serum to the hair from the tip to the top, then dry the hair as usual.

Use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner series before using hair serum. The keratin formula specifically makes the hair always soft, manageable and shiny.

4. Use before styling your hair.

If you are going to do hair styling using a flat iron or hair dryer , use serum first and let it sit until it’s completely absorbed. Avoid using styling tools on wet hair so that the hair is not damaged.

Hair serum only protects against ongoing damage. To always have healthy hair, we need to treat it with regular shampooing and use conditioner , as well as supplement it with vitamins.

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