17 Ways How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

Don’t be afraid of dandruff. With proper care, you can say goodbye to dandruff! The All Things Hair editor team has prepared a list of ways to get rid of dandruff naturally for you. Check out the following full tips!

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally


How to deal with dandruff naturally

1. Coconut oil

In addition to fragrance, coconut oil is also rich in fat, so it can make the scalp and hair always moist. Before shampooing, massage the scalp with 3-5 tablespoons of natural coconut oil and let it sit for 1 hour. After that, shampoo as usual with shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

The natural content of coconut can also be found in Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Shampoo and Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Conditioner . For maximum results, make sure you wash your hair using this combination.

2. Lemon

The level of acidity in lemons can balance the pH of your scalp and help deal with dandruff naturally. The trick, massage the head with a mixture of a glass of water and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Let stand 10 minutes then rinse with water.

3. Aloe vera

Itching when dandruff hair can be relieved by aloe vera, aka soothing aloe vera. The trick, peel the flesh of the aloe vera plant and rub it on the itchy scalp area. If aloe vera is not available, you can use a cream or gel that contains aloe vera in it.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil is also known to be effective for dealing with dandruff naturally . The trick, pour 10 drops of olive oil in the palm of the hand and massage into all parts of the scalp in a circular motion and slowly.

Protect the head with a shower cap, and leave it overnight. The next day, you just wash your hair as usual and make sure there are no traces of olive oil left. For maximum results, you can use shampoos containing olive oil such as Dove Nourishing Black Shampoo .

5. Tea tree oil

The content in tea tree oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so it works well in expelling fungi and bacteria that grow on the scalp. The trick, massage a few drops of tea tree oil , then let it soak for 5 minutes. Rinse with shampoo as usual.

For maximum results, use shampoo that also contains tea tree oil such as CLEAR MEN Complete Care Shampoo .

6. Fenugreek

How to get rid of dandruff with this ingredient is very well known in India. The trick is to soak a handful of fenugreek (klabet) seeds overnight, then mash the already soft seeds the next day. Wear and massage the scalp. Wait until it sinks in for an hour. After soaking, rinse with shampoo .

7. Aspirin

Aspirin, like other shampoos for dandruff hair, has the active ingredient salicylic acid to help overcome the development of dandruff on the scalp. The trick, mash two aspirin until smooth, then mix it into the shampoo that you use everyday. Leave on the scalp for one to two minutes, then repeat the washing using ordinary shampoo , and rinse thoroughly.

For maximum results, use shampoos that contain zinc such as CLEAR Sakura Fresh Shampoo . The content of zinc can help your skin deal with dandruff-triggering bacteria.

8. Lime and coconut milk

Lime makes the skin’s pH balanced, while the fat content in coconut milk naturally moisturizes the scalp and hair. The trick, mix the two ingredients and apply on the scalp to all hair shaft. Rinse thoroughly after settling for 20 minutes.

9. Healthy food

Vegetables can help the body to produce healthy cells. For a healthier scalp, try to consume vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and lettuce. Besides vegetables, vegetable protein and fish oil can also make skin naturally moisturized.

10. Use cold water to wash

Try to always wash your hair with cold water or tap water so that the scalp does not become more dry.

11. Wash thoroughly after wearing the hair styling product

It doesn’t matter you often use gel, pomade, wax, or hair spray , as long as you wash your hair thoroughly afterwards. The remaining hair products that accumulate on the scalp have high potential triggers the appearance of dandruff.

To avoid dandruff, you can use hair spray that does not make hair sticky like TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray .

12. Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is the right choice for natural scalp exfoliation, so that dead skin cells that accumulate can be lost. Its anti-bacterial properties can also help inhibit mold growth. The trick, mix one tablespoon of apple vinegar in a glass of water. Flush gently on the scalp while massaging then let stand for 30 minutes before shampooing.

13. Almond oil (almond oil)

This way of using almond oil is the same as olive oil. Just apply almond oil evenly on the scalp, keep overnight and protect the head with a shower cap. The next day, rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

To the maximum, the use of almond oil can be combined with hair vitamins with similar content namely Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Vitamins .

14. Peppermint

The sensation of cold and fresh peppermint produced makes it a natural ingredient suitable for dealing with dandruff. Besides being able to relieve itching, this essential oil can also reduce dry and flaking scalp. Discover the freshness of mint inside

15. Salt

Ever tried how to get rid of dandruff using salt? If not, try this method. Massage the scalp with three tablespoons of salt on wet hair and let it sit for three minutes. Afterwards, immediately wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner .

16. Egg yolk mask

Egg yolks that are rich in protein are also efficacious for moisturizing the scalp. Make your own masks by mixing one egg yolk with one teaspoon of olive oil.

17. Adequate water intake

Although often forgotten, but the cause of dryness of the skin is dehydration. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day so that the skin is always healthy and moist.

How, interested in trying all ways to get rid of dandruff naturally that we discussed earlier? After trying it, make sure you wash your hair thoroughly using CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol Shampoo so that no residue is left on the scalp.

When used regularly, it activates the natural protective layer of the scalp to fight dandruff. For other recommendations for anti-dandruff shampoos , you can find them here too.

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