10 Benefits of Hair Tonic You Need to Know

Like the skin that must be treated with skin care, hair also needs nutrients from hair tonic and hair vitamins , you know. Although often considered trivial, in fact hair care products that hits in the 1920s have a myriad of benefits for the fertility of your hair.

Benefits of Hair Tonic


The majority of hair tonic contains vitamin E, vitamin B2, lactic acid, and other natural ingredients that are good for the scalp. You are certainly familiar with natural ingredients such as ginseng extract, urang-aring, and aloe vera. Are you looking for hair tonic that is suitable for healthy hair?

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In the following, we summarizes the 10 benefits of hair tonic that you need to know. Listen for a moment.

1.Strengthens hair roots

The main function of hair tonic is to strengthen the hair roots so they do not fall off and break easily. Typically, this type of hair tonic contains extract, ginseng, or aloe vera which is good for scalp health .

2.Nourish the scalp

All the good content in hair tonic can nourish your healthy scalp. Therefore, the use of hair tonic is highly recommended for those of you who have problems with the scalp. Like oily scalp, hair loss , dandruff , until premature baldness.

3.Nourishes the hair after shampooing

The best moment to use hair tonic is after shampooing. When the scalp is still damp, pour enough hair tonic into the palm of the hand and massage the scalp slowly. Pores of the scalp that are still open will facilitate the process of absorption of hair tonic nutrients .

4.Reducing hair loss and fracture

With regular use, guaranteed hair loss is reduced. Your hair also becomes stronger and doesn’t break easily when braided or distyling using curling.

5.Adds hair luster

Certain types of hair tonic are also effective at making hair more shiny and soft, you know. If you often style your hair with hair and hairdryers, you can choose hair tonics that contain phytantriol and panthenol.

6.Helps long hair fast

Do you intend to lengthen your hair in a short time? The easiest way is to diligently use hair tonic every day. You can massage the scalp with hair tonic that contains ginseng extract, aloe vera, or other natural ingredients that are useful to stimulate hair growth.

7.Fragrant hair

Besides fertilizing and nourishing the scalp, hair tonic also makes the hair feel more fragrant. There are many types of hair tonic that you can choose the aroma you want, you know.

8.Reduces dandruff

Choose hair tonics that contain anti-keraltic, amino acids, and cimbazole to fight dandruff on the scalp. With regular use, your scalp is guaranteed to be free from troublesome hair problems!

9.Avoiding split ends

If the roots of your hair are well nourished, you don’t need to be afraid of being haunted by split ends. To be strong and healthy hair shaft, choose hair tonic that is rich in vitamin E.

10.Stimulate new hair growth

Adequate nutrition can stimulate the growth of baby hair or new hair on the scalp. Instead, choose hair tonic that can inhibit the production of the hormone dehydrotestosterone (DHT) and smooth the flow in the scalp.

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